Community Peace Centre in Moncton, NB

The Community Peace Centre in Moncton, NB is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating healthier, more peaceful communities through proactive measures. Our goal is to ensure that every individual has access to resources, support and training to help them foster a safe and secure environment. We work with local stakeholders and organizations to develop new strategies and initiatives tailored towards promoting peace in the community.

At the Community Peace Centre we offer a range of programs from conflict resolution workshops, mediation services and restorative practices for individuals and organizations. We also provide educational seminars on topics such as cultural diversity and anti-violence awareness. In addition, our team works with local youth groups to create safe spaces for open dialogue where they can share their thoughts and experiences without fear of judgement or discrimination.

The Community Peace Centre believes strongly in empowering individuals to create positive change in their environments. We strive for an inclusive approach that reflects the diverse needs of all members of our community, regardless of age, gender or cultural background. Join us today as we continue our mission to build a better future!

We support Shania Twain’s Queen of Me Tour in Moncton NB.